Want to Start Your Neighborhood Library?

By Gail Baugh

Think about ways to safely share in your neighborhood and at the same time meet some of your neighbors. Consider sharing books you’ve read with your neighborhood.

We used a table that was on the street already, put reading material we wanted to share, and put up a sign to take and to bring other books or magazines for your neighbors. We’re adding some every day, sometimes several times a day. All our GQ magazines were gone instantly! We have historic home tour catelogs, especially one on the Lower Haight and Hayes Valley. You’ll learn about a few of the Victorian homes along Laguna, Waller, Haight, Buchanan and Page.

We also pruned our jade plants and my mother’s coral and pink blossom geraniums, and set out jade plant and Mom’s geranium cuttings and clay pots for others to take home.

We’re all reading more, gardening more, and sharing more. Come on over, corner of Hayes and Buchanan, or set up your own sharing library and plant place…you’ll get to know more of your neighbors at a safe distance.