Western Addition Safe Halloween

by Richard Johnson

Eight years ago, this October, Community Partners United started our Safe Halloween in Hayes Valley. The idea was to bring our youth back to trick or treat in their neighborhood. Over the past eight years we have used our parks, playgrounds, schools and community centers throughout the Western Addition to create safe spots for youth & families to gather. Our Safe Halloween has expanded to include a full weekend of free youth & family events spread throughout the Western Addition.

To date the following Safe Halloween events are scheduled:

CA Public Utilities Commission Halloween Poster Contest and 14th Annual Haunted House for local elementary schools from 9am till 2 pm on Friday October 28th located at PUC courtyard Van Ness (at McAllister). To help build their haunted house, donate money or candy contact Victor at vds@cpuc.ca.gov or 703-2992.

Western Addition Beacon Center Haunted House on Saturday October 29th from 11am till 3 pm located at John Muir Elementary. Please contact Marco at mdiaz@ymcasf.org or 749-2714 to volunteer, help build the haunted house and/or donate.

African American Art & Culture Complex, Mo`Magic, SF Juneteenth & Up from Darkness partner for their Annual Halloween Haunted House extravaganza on Monday October 31st from 5-8 pm located at 762 Fulton Street (at Webster). Please visit www.aaacc.org for full details.

CommunityGrows & Hayes Valley Apartments 8th Annual Halloween on Monday October 31st from 4-7 pm located in the community room at 403 Rose (at Buchanan). Please visit www.communitygrows.org for full details.

The essence of Safe Halloween is to sponsor community events that offer a chance for all to gather and share food, fun, and entertainment while fostering a safe and caring neighborhood.