Parklets, And How to Get One

You may have seen a few parking spaces around San Francisco that have been transformed into a miniature gathering space for people to eat, lounge and talk. These miniature parks are referred to as “Parklets.” The Parklet installations are a … Read More

SF Parks need your help

by Phil Ginsburg, General Manager, SF Recreation and Park Department What would happen to our quality of life if San Francisco’s 225 neighborhood parks suddenly closed? Where would we play without our 179 playgrounds, 82 recreation centers and clubhouses, 72 … Read More

Green Activism

by William Buckley One of the best stores in Hayes Valley for socially and environmentally conscientious gifts and books is the Green Arcade, located at the corner of Market and Gough Streets. Patrick Marks opened The Green Arcade in October … Read More

An Introduction to Mo’ MAGIC

by Myke Suyat As the new Program Assistant at Mo’ MAGIC, I plan to ride this “new guy” title as long as I can. Almost one month on the job and I’m still discovering who we are, what we do, … Read More

Curiosity, Creativity and Connection

by Bob Barnwell We have a lot of unique businesses in our area, one of the newest being Seesaw. Located at 600 Octavia Street at Grove, Seesaw is a cafe, play studio and shop, that hosts workshops for children. This … Read More

Pork and More

by Murrey Nelson Taylor Boetticher and Toponia Miller met at the Culinary Institute of American in 1996. Following graduation, they went to Italy to train with master Tuscan butcher, Dario Ceccini, and it was there that The Fatted Calf was … Read More

Hayes Valley Farm: A Seasonal Update

by Booka Alon The Hayes Valley Farm was awarded a generous community Challenge Grant from the Department of the Environment on October 14th. On November 14, with support from the help of 288 individual donors across the country, the farm … Read More

Walk Stops

by Mari Hunter Invited by GOOD Magazine to host a City Research and Development (R+D) event, a small group of impassioned District 5 residents with strong professional and/or personal interests in urban planning, environment, safety, and community ideals gathered in … Read More

Hayes and Buchanan: Past and Future

by Gail Baugh Image courtesy San Francisco Public Library Can you imagine an enormous church at the corner of Hayes and Buchanan? The spire reached over 100 feet in the air, and the building itself towered over the surrounding community. … Read More